During the first appointment, you and your dietitian will explore your past medical history, lifestyle, eating habits, diet history, relationship with food, and barriers to meeting your nutrition-related goals. The first part of the session is devoted to collecting information on your past and getting to know you, while the second part of the session is focused on education, planning, and goal setting. You will walk away from the session with confidence and a clear plan of action to reach your goal.

Your RD will recommend a frequency based on your medical history, lifestyle habits, and personal goals, but the decision is up to you how often you want to schedule visits.

Doherty Nutrition can provide services to clients in all of Texas, however other states may have regulations protecting dietitians from practicing in their state if they are not licensed in that specific state. If you are unsure about what regulations your state has, you can contact our office and we will inform you if we can render services in your state. You can also use the map below to look at your state-specific details:

Dietetics Licensure Statutes and Information by State

PPO plans DO NOT require referrals prior to scheduling.

HMO plans and some POS plans DO require a referral authorization from your insurance prior to scheduling. If you have an HMO plan or referral requiring POS plan, please contact our office and a member of our staff will provide you with the necessary dietitian information to provide to your Primary Care Provider so they can submit the referral authorization request to your insurance. Once our office receives an approval from your insurance carrier, a member of our staff will reach out to you to schedule with the dietitian on your referral authorization.

Most insurance plans consider nutrition counseling to be a preventative service, however, some plans consider it to be a medical service.

If your plan covers nutrition counseling as a PREVENTATIVE service, your visit will be covered at 100% with no patient responsibility. 

If your plan covers a nutrition counseling visit as a MEDICAL service, your visit will be subject to your specialist copay, deductible, and/or coinsurance at the time the visit is billed to insurance. 

We do not check insurance benefits on your behalf, so it is your responsibility to verify what your plan does or does not cover, and what your portion of the cost will be.

Verify My Insurance

If you provide the office with 24 hours or greater notice, there is NO FEE to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

Our late cancellation policy states that we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. If you cancel or reschedule an appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time, a $40 fee will be automatically charged to the card on file.

Our no-show policy states that if you are not present for your appointment (either virtual or in person) within the first 10 minutes after the appointment start time, you are considered a no show, and a $40 no show fee will be automatically charged to your card on file.

Insurance does not reimburse for any no show/late cancellation fees.